Rapper chops off his own p*nis and jumps off a buliding (photos)

Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson is the Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper who rose to notoriety after chopping off his own p*nis with a kitchen knife.
He has however revealed he still has s*x.
According to The Sun UK, LA rapper Andre Johnson, 43, who is known to fans as Christ Bearer, hit the headlines in April 2014 after severely harming his genitals and then jumping off a second-floor balcony at a party.
Three years on, Andre has reflected on what led him to perform such an extreme act of violence against himself in a new BBC Three documentary.
“I just jumped up, outta nowhere and I went to the kitchen,” he said.
“I grabbed a knife and, bam, I pulled down my pants and” – he mimes a chopping motion – “that quick”.
Doctors were unable to reattach the severed part of Andre’s p*nis after surgery, but he says that doesn’t mean his manhood has lost all function.
“When I’m actually having the act of s*x, it’s not like, ‘Oh I wish I still had my s***.’ It’s like, ‘I’m in there.’ Like it used to be,” he said.
Andre was hospitalised after the incident and diagnosed with having suffered a period of severe depression. He was later referred to a psychiatrist.
He believes attitudes around mental health need to change, especially among young, black men in the hip-hop community.
“Due to that macho air, no one even notices if they are going through depression,” he said.
“In my neighbourhood you don’t tell nobody you depressed and s***,” he said.
“When we have mental health issues, we turn to drugs – you know, ‘smoke this’, ‘have a drink. Maaan, you need to get high’.”
When Andre and his rap partner Meko were signed to Wu-Tang records in 2004, he said: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
He revealed he began dabbling in banned substances: “Maybe you did a little bit of PCP [also known as angel dust]? You did a little bit of weed? You drank a little bit?

“You start getting, like, a thousand dollars every other day, you goin’ do a whole lot of PCP, you goin’ do a whole lot of weed, you goin’ drink a whole lot… it got outta control.”
On the night of the penis-cutting incident, Andre had taken PCP, meth, weed and drunk alcohol.
He says his relationships with women were in his thoughts in the moments before he did it.
“At the back of my mind, my issues were eating me. I was thinking my interaction with women have been just callous, no moral code,” he said.
“I said, ‘I will fix this problem that is causing me so much misery.’ That’s when I think the insanity kicked in. I said, ‘Yo, my d*** is outta control. I need a vasectomy.”
Andre now lives in Las Vegas with second wife Amatullah and their daughter.
Amatullah commented: “We were both at the bottom when this started so the thought was, ‘we got to straighten this out and, whatever it takes, we’re willing to do.’”
Andre has now addressed his mental health issues.
He said his psychiatrist “was the greatest”.
He added: “I needed her right before the incident. S*** really helps if you get the right one.”
Andre says that he still suffers from “a slight depression,” but that having his wife and daughter by his side is helping with his recovery.

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