A Nigerian singer asked ladies if they can marry a man currently earning N35, 000 and got these responses

Singer Tunde Ednut  a while ago posted this message above asking ladies if they can settle for a guy earning N35, 000 and he got these responses:

Mimi.wonder:  So far I love him, I know who I am. So 35k would go a long way added with my own income.

Hikmatyusuf: I don’t think so…. Here In Kano you are expected to spend not less than 200k for the so call “kayan lepe ” just to visit the family members and fix a date. With 35k how z he gon do that?

Susansmilez: As im single sef i consume more than 35k monthly. Mbok i cant and God would not let me meet such

Pretty_d2:  Of course I can…A woman should not be a liability to a man!!Make your money and have a life first before planing on having a partner..Its even fair enough he is earning a salary monthly…What If he is jobless and doesn’t have a life ????Every man will start from somewhere in life💯Dangote wasn’t born a rich man..Obama didn’t have an idea he was gonna be the president of America! Women should learn to be independent and not date for money…

Amira__issa: If the woman brings home another 35k or so then it should be good I guess. It’s not easy out there, even people with degrees are struggling to get a job.

Debbiecookss: Jokes apart, yes I can,if the man has strong vision ,he’s very hardworking and has all the attributes of a great man. And Since I’m working too I will help with the bills. I know when everything becomes good and when the big money comes I will surely enjoy to the fullest. I believe nothing like when he gets rich he will start misbehaving and forget me, that will never happen to me by God’s grace. YES I CAN DO IT BAJE!

Eikechukwuodum: All these girls saying no upandan, I shake my head really. Better open your eyes and face life. Pray you don’t get married to someone who is apparently very well to do and later may later start experiencing financial issues that would mean you going lower than 35k a month because such things happen and trust me it’s even more demoralizing because you’ll have to go back to the point where you didn’t even start from. So again, starting small and rising isn’t such a bad idea if the man has potentials and you have the will to bring out the best in him.

Loelah_aman:Hmmmmmm….. all these ladies saying yes yes yes…… be real sisters….. unless he has a side bussiness that earns him better money or you(the lady) has a good a job….. What kind of life do you expect to have with 35k. That sum wont even pay for petrol for a car and a generator for a full month….. wake up and smell the gbegiri….35k …..what kind of budget will that family have…. you can date him

Dear KFBers, can you and why?


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