How to start a business without money in Nigeria

All businesses require capital or money to be established but you can actually start a business without money!!! Shocked??? continue reading

You have a great idea for a business, but you don’t have any money to start it up is a common experience. So not having capital is no excuse and it’s not a limitation in starting a business. If you are confident that you have an idea (a product or service people want), don’t allow the lack of capital to deter you from your business goals. By pivoting, grinding it out, relationship, getting creative and differentiating yourself, you can boost strap your way to a successful business.

  • Pivot :Use service-oriented business is easy: First you provide services, and then you collect funds. But a product –based business often requires significant up-front capital to get it up and running. If you’re in this situation, consider selling services to generate cash flow and to build up funds for a product-based business.
  • Grind it out – There’s no substitute for sweat equity- You have to get into the trenches and make it happen. Believe in your service be hell bent in making it happen. Hard work eventually paid off. 
  • Partnership – Promote other people business in the line of your business interest Be engaged in freelance marketing. Go to manufacturer of the product or service in line with your business idea or dream.  Commit your reliability, competency and integrity to market their products or services on commission bases, while you work on yourself in relation to the business and also raise capital to start and stand on your own. 
  • Get Creative – create something new to help other business while doing that you are on your way becoming mastery of the business.
  • Relationship – Develop relationship with people in the industry of your interest so as to to enjoy unlimited support in terms of guaranteed supplies.   
  • Develop an excellent business plan to attract venture capitalist that will be ready to invest in your business idea.

You are already on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Good Luck

Written By: Gift Adene
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