Domestic violence: Georgina Onuoha sends Powerful Message To Mercy Aigbe


Hours ago, actress Georgina Onuoha posted this message to actress, Mercy Aigbe Gentry, read piece below:

Mercy .. I have a different level of respect for you today.
It takes , strength, courage and wisdom to speak up.
None of us will ever comprehend the dynamics of your home and relationship. But what I will say to you is this ; remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
When will our elected officials pass laws to protect against domestic violence. It should not be just arrest, go home and settle.
Mercy, you are an icon and a role model for this single act. You don’t know how many more women lives you have saved by being bold and speaking up.
Say No To Domestic Violence
No shame in walking away.
No shame in being a Single Lady
No shame in being a single Mother
Don’t protect your abusers
Nigerian women please walk away
Raise your boy child well
Don’t expose your male child to domestic Violence
This is sickening.. What will make you hit the one you love this way.
Yeah.. we women abuse men verbally that is what some of my fellow women will say, true .. but does that warrant anyone to brutally beat a woman this way? What happened to walking away?
We Nigerian women are our own worst enemies. We’ve been conditioned to think it’s our fault when our relationship goes wrong. We shame our fellow women, we call them names and ask them to go and pray.. Really?
We ask them to remain because of the kids.. because of what the society will think! Guess what , society will not remember you when you are 6 feet , neither will any woman raise your kids for you like you.
Walk away. Leave to live in other to raise your kids right.
We must put an end to this cycle of violence.
You can not change a full grown man, it will never get better.. Stand your ground to live.. At this point words fail me.
Mercy @mercyaigbegentry I salute your courage and wish you a speedy recovery. I pray God heal your family. Time heals old wound… 💝

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