Only God could have done this! He delayed me for 30 minutes so I could miss the accident…

 For the newbies, the every Sunday KFB Only God Could Have Done This series, is an inspirational column that lets readers send in their testimonies of how God has been faithful to restore and rekindle hope in others. 
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Read today’s testimony below as sent in by a KFBer:
I  bless the name of the Lord,Most High  Who preserved my life from danger..
In my little shop,I sell petty things and grind things.
I am always there by 8am every day.
But on this day, I was held down at home for about 30 minutes. I just found myself busy with nothing much doing.
Getting to my shop, I beheld a scene.  The frontage of the shop, with the  planks holding the outside canopy had been brought down.
The shop is not  by the side of the  road. At least , it’s about 6meters away from the road.
What happened? I asked the people who were still gathered discussing the happening.
I was told a car swerved from the road removing everything on its way, pulling down the seats that customers sit on and the kiosk placed in front of the shop.
The driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle ;  this was what we could deduce .
The imprints of the tyres from the road to my shop and past the shop could still be seen.
The vehicle left the road to come and meet who,?
It happened around 30minutes before  my arrival .
God went ahead of the devil to straighten things out for me.
Instead of the accident meeting me and a customer, on the  spot, it was made to damage only things that could be repaired or replaced.
It may look simple to the hearers, but to me and those who saw the impact of the ‘little’ accident , it was God in action  on my behalf..
I could not but bless the Lord and tell of His wonderful works  ro the  world.
Praise the Lord!

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