Mother calls doctor quack after surgery leaves baby with large facial scars, Doctors react

A mother and Nigerian twitter user @attamatwit has called a doctor who performed surgery on her baby’s forehead quack! She cried out for help after her baby is left with large facial scars in a recent operation carried out by a Nigerian doctor.

According to the mother, her daughter was diagnosed with Capillary hemangioma, a collection of bad blood cells.
The doctor told her it was not malignant, and required a simple procedure. She says the doctor did not tell her the procedure would leave her daughter with such scars and that she got to know of the deep cuts when she took her baby for wound dressing.
However, Doctors on twitter stood up to defend their colleague by saying There will always be a scar as he (the doctor who performed the surgery) is not a plastic surgeon who would consider cosmetic effects.. The reactions below…

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