What’s so special about France President? – Angela Uyi writes

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Angela Uyi

Popular Facebook commentator and Social Justice activist Angela Uyi has reacted to the newly elected France president! She asked What is so special about him? Should Nigeria replicate? She also listed all those who governed Nigeria under 30. read her interesting piece below…

What’s so special about France President?
Should Nigeria replicates?
Let’s review the below:
Y. Gowon 32,
Ojukwu 33,
Obasanjo 29,
And Buhari 24!

Most of the military governors who governed the states under the successive military regimes were
under 30 years.
Let’s take the Frech back to our Nigeria history and tell them they rather came late in politics.
We can still produce a 30 years president ONLY if the youths will look beyond financial background, religion and tribes.
Are the youths of today ready to struggle for a union, movement, and font that will reorientate and sensitize the Nigeria youths to support our youths who are within the age of 30-35 contesting any elective post in Nigeria without looking at their financial background?
We need to throw our weight more on demonitizing Nigeria politics first.
We need to start respecting and promoting democracy of numbers and not Money.
We need to defeat the mindset of politics is about man know man.
We need to understand that APC and PDP are not for us.
We need to start thinking how we can takeover a political party in Nigeria and make such popular and relevant.
But are the Nigerian youths ready and will be able to emancipate themselves from ethnicity, religious and mental poverty?
When you talk France President, talk about the mentality of the average Nigerian.
*When you talk Macron at 39, ask yourself is there any Nigerian youth who has the foresight of Macron?*
When you talk Macron at 39, ask yourself if the youths of today are ready for leadership?
When you talk Macron at 39, bring forth a 39 years old Nigerian youth who will not defend the audacious criminality of the leaders just because they are either from his or her tribe or religion.
Our unity must first be emancipated.
We must be very angry, very vexed and let our frustration for a better nation be our motivation in writing the narrative that will drive true nationalism and a better Nigeria worthy of our celebration.
I may not have written any sense to you but I am sure that someone will reflect on this today, reason along with me and share.
© Angela Uyi.

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