SARS operatives handcuff Nigerian designer, for having an iPhone, label him a yahoo boy

Sars officials threatened to shoot Fashion designer @3pleaclothinz they even Arrested him saying he was a yahoo boy What he wrote below..

According to @3pleaclothinz
who was on his way to an appointment in Lagos, These Sarz officials did not let him bring out us ID card or any form of identification
He said “All
they did was to harass me,saying I am yahoo boy cause I had dreads on me,and I use an iPhone that who is my father for me to be using an iPhone,that even them don’t use it,threatened to shoot me,the cut my necklace,handcuffed me,then tore my short when they were struggling to take my money from my front pocket not knowing my wallet was in my back pocket,they made me defer my exams,cause they took my fees,They Stopped me at Okota,then dropped me at 3rd Mainland Bridge”

Too sad that in our own country where we are supposed to be safe, we now walk around with huge fear of people who are supposed to protect us

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