This Enugu State University Student is asking the Government to legalise R*pe in Nigeria (Photos)

A student of Enugu State University (ESUT) identified as Jude Chibuike, who is an Electrical Electronic Engineering undergraduate has demanded that the President Muhamamdu Buhari-led Federal Government should legalize r*pe as some girls deserve more than that.
The young man who claimed that he doesn’t care about what people do or say to him, said that most girls deserve to be r*ped because they feel they’re smart. 
Since his post on Facebook, other users have taken to his page to bombard him several abusive comments and bashing with some saying he has no self-worth and believes violating the very essence of a woman by rape would bring down her worth.
“You are a young man and with this kind of mindset, you won’t go far. I have sent your post to relevant authorities to be put in ‘potential criminal sexual offenders notice,” a Facebook user threatened.
Here’s his post we culled from Facebook;

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