These tips on “How To Make SEX Enjoyable at nite” by Pretty Mike is a must read

Controversial club owner, Pretty Mike Club Uno has release tips on how to make sex enjoyable. Read his piece below…

“How To Make SEX Enjoyable at nite 

1) Take a cold bath & get into ur bedroom.
2)Try and off d television & phones so u can feel d spirit.
3)Switch on d A.C to ventilate d room.
4)Now sit/lay on ur bed n find a good Position.
5)Wear only shorts or panties & cover ur legs to ur chest area wit a cloth or blanket.
6)Take ur Bible & read frm Genesis chapter 1-3, revelation 2 to end, After dat close ur Bible, meditate, pray & sleep… Do dat everyday bcoz Jesus is coming very soon so be serious wit ur Christian life, walk wit GOD!
Thanks for ur time, “I know I caught ur Attention cause I used the word “SEX” I don’t want u to miss Heaven cos I luv u but God loves u more… Repent! Brothers n Sisters repent cos u never know wen d trumpet shall sound. 🙏 Kam biakwa😂 *come and beat me, i dey toilet* 🙊🙊”

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