DON’T COME TO ITALY! Struggling Footballer Warns Nigerians (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man, claiming to be a footballer has warned Nigerians looking for greener pastures to avoid migrating to Italy.

The man made the call recently in a video showing Italian policemen evicting people from a place described as asylum seekers camp.

The man who spoke Italian, English and Pidgin English narrated that 13 asylum seekers from Nigeria were sent packing from the camp without neither a reason, nor an alternative. He noted that people of other nationalities were allowed to stay while Nigerians were the only ones evicted.

About himself, he said he has been playing football in the country for two years without any reward. He confessed that he doesn’t have papers.

The man complained bitterly saying the Police in the country were racists. He warned any Nigerian contemplating to move abroad not to consider Italy at all.


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