Quit notice to Ndigbo: No smoke without fire – Oodua Redemption Alliance


The Oodua Redemption Alliance (ARA) has said no one should trivialise the quit order issued Ndigbo to leave the north come October 1. In a release by the group signed by Comrade Victor Taiwo yesterday, it said there cannot be smoke without fire, just as it is known all over the world that the youths of any society are the breathing trunks of the society.

The statement read: “And so, if anybody is gullible or foolish enough as to trivialise the declaration of the Arewa youth leaders, such a person is doing so at his own peril.

“Essentially, we take very seriously to the declaration of the northern youth leaders, as we cannot but take it that these guys are speaking the minds of their leaders in masks.

“We in Yorubaland should therefore be wise enough as fortify our home front in anticipation of any eventualities.”“Meanwhile, it would be observed that out of the three major pillars of the country, namely, the Hausa/Fulani of the North, the Igbo of the South-East and the Yorubas of the South-West, only the Yorubas seem to be sitting on the fence, or so it seems to be, with their own position not made known, or perhaps not yet made known to the world.

“Let us hereby make the position of the Yorubas known to the world right away, by this hitherto silent organisation known as Oodua Redemption Alliance. But before reeling out our resolution as adopted at the emergency meeting of the National Executive Council from which we rose yesterday, let us make our identity known to the world as the first, best-focused, and most consistent self-determination organisation ever to sprout in the political history of Yoruba nation, whose existence has spanned 23 years now having been established in April 1994. And our principal aim is to liberate the nation into a sovereign state and transform her to the status of a first-world country and first super-power country from Africa. This we are determined to achieve within the shortest unimaginable period.

“Therefore, if the clamour for the sovereignty of Biafra as unequivocally being championed by IPOB, MASSOB and Biafran Liberation Council is an issue not to be taken lightly, and the order given by the Arewa groups smacks of nothing but their readiness to run their political affairs without the Igbo people, the question that therefore naturally arises is that with whom do the Arewa people want to form partnership in Nigeria? Yorubas is it or not? If their thinking is to form a front with the Yorubas, we hereby declare their thinking as arrant miscalculation, as their thinking will ever remain an illusion. But if their resolve is to be on their own as a sovereign state of Arewa, we whole-heartedly give our support to their aspiration.

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